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Men on the Verge:  8-Week Evolutionary Men's Group

Connect, Clear Up, Wake Up, and Activate Your Power & Purpose. 

Are you on the verge of significant growth and evolution, readiness to create better relationships, and imperative to live a more wakeful, potent and purposeful life? Is life letting you know that it's time to Connect more deeply with yourself and your key relationships; Clear Up emotional debris; Wake Up out of unconscious patterns that undermine your relationships and happiness; and Activate your purpose? 

CONNECT - Deepen connection with your inner and outer life. 

Take your place in the community of men, and get more deeply connected with yourself, your relationships, and your life. 

CLEAR UP - Become clear, bright, and direct. 

Metabolize and channel disturbing emotions that you may currently be organizing your life around, so you can be present, clear, focused and effective in creating thriving relationships and a purposeful life. Examine and neutralize self-limiting beliefs that have been directing your behavior. Recognize and start changing conditioned behaviors that undermine your well-being, relationships, and freedom.

WAKE UP - Become wakeful, vitalized, and inspired. 

Raise your consciousness and vitality by practicing using life, relationship, and group challenges as a path of awakening from fear-based defensiveness, self-deception, limiting unconscious conditioning and outdated wound-based identities.

ACTIVATE - Get ignited, energized, and mobilized. 

Channel your vital energies into focused action and change where your life needs it most. Recognize your soul-based purpose and propel yourself toward igniting it into action. 

Benefits of Accepting this 8-week Mission for Men on the Verge:

  • Hone your ability to confidently and maturely show up in intimate relationships. 
  • Clarify your Purpose and step into it.
  • Take your place in the community of men. Get meaningfully connected.
  • Expand your capacity to be, act, and relate more authentically, powerfully, freely.  
  • Recover your natural self, feeling more whole and at peace with who you are and your belonging in the world as a mature man. 


Through often-edgy and always-enlivening, embodied practices, and intensive feedback from your brothers, the group is here to help you recognize your blindspots and your deepest gifts. You’re invited and challenged to practice new, vitalizing ways of being to which you may previously have lacked full access, so you can apply them outside of the group.

The group evokes the confidence and freedom to bring forward your most authentic, powerful, natural self and capacities to live a passionately satisfying life. You will discover and begin transforming your hidden emotional blocks and conditioned ways of being that have held you back in relationships and life.

Come connect meaningfully with a circle of authentic men who support you, challenge you, and hold you accountable to living and loving in a way that makes your life, and the lives of those around you, better. Themes that you'll address experientially include navigating difficult relationship dynamics, skillfully channeling anger into power and action, and identifying your Purpose. 

Next 8-Week Men's Group:

Wednesdays from 7-9pm beginning June 14th or 21st. 

New groups beginning regularly.


On our beautiful land just outside of Boulder. 

Contact me to register. 




He masterfully pinpoints exactly where men are stuck and holding back, and then warmly yet fiercely works just the right spot to open men up to more possibility, to living more fully and powerfully...

~ Bryan Bayer - CEO, Authentic Man Program



What The Men Are Saying

"I've witnessed Reuvain work both in workshop settings and in men's circles, and I can safely say that he's a remarkably skilled men's coach. He masterfully pinpoints exactly where men are stuck and holding back, and then warmly yet fiercely works just the right spot to open men up to more possibility, to living more fully and powerfully. I highly recommend Reuvain to any man wanting to take his life to the next level."

~ Bryan Bayer - CEO, Authentic Man Program, authenticmanprogram.com


"...I went to Reuvain simply because he's one of the best at helping men navigate challenging life-terrain. His blend of sensitivity, perception and presence are unique. He's had a profound impact on me..."

~ Tripp Lanier - Host, The New Man Podcast



"I've known Reuvain for over 10 years. The guy's a force. Reuvain is an extremely gifted facilitator of transformation and personal evolution. His skills with couples, men and groups are outrageous. The guy has a pulse on everything. Not only that, Reuvain's ability to connect people toward a common purpose is visionary."

~ Jayson Gaddis, LPC - Founder of Revolutionary Man. www.revolutionaryman.com


"Reuvain is deeply intuitive and his work, while not always comfortable, results in a level of authenticity I had no idea was possible. My life is profoundly different after spending just a few powerful sessions with Reuvain and new possibilities are revealing themselves daily from this place. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to live a more truly authentic life."

~ Casey Capshaw- Internet Business Strategist, Boulder, CO


"I have just spent a number of weeks meeting with Reuvain and a small group of strong men. I can honestly say that my life will never be the same, and that is a very good thing. My goal in joining the men's group was to more fully embody the masculine within me, and not loose the compassion that I have. I found what I was looking for, and much more. In my experience Reuvain is a very gifted facilitator and leader, and is unique at what he does when working with men. He treats everyone as equals and meets them at their personal place in the process, regardless of the depth of their own inner work. As a group we bonded in ways that I would not have expected, and I gained new friendships on a different level than everyday relationships. To be seen and experienced as a man, with other men and without judgment, is quite empowering. I wholeheartedly recommend Reuvain's work to any man seeking more of himself."

~ Rick Judson - Director eLearning Services, Denver, CO


"Walking out of our first session together, I felt tangibly different. Rather than a collection of body parts, emotional surges, and fragmented thoughts, my experience was one of wholeness. Grounded, present, substantial. Your embodiment of both deep vulnerability and trustworthy strength continues to inspire me in our sessions, serving as a beacon toward my own ongoing integration. I am so grateful!"

~ Bryce Widom - Artist, Boulder, CO


"Reuvain Bacal is a pioneer with a fresh vision of men in their fullness. His unique presence provides men with a deep experience of both loving support and edgy challenge. He calls us out of our roles that no longer serve us and into our spiritual awakening."

~ Dr. Pierre Brunschwig - Physician and Founder, Helios Integrated Medicine, Boulder, CO


"Through my experience in one of Reuvain's men's therapy groups, I have become more connected with my true nature as a man. Reuvain's facilitation, combined with the support and presence of the other group members, compassionately challenged me to grow into my full potential as a male in this culture, and to live this potential. I am truly grateful for this life-changing opportunity and I am inspired and committed to supporting the transformation of other men and women who seek it."

~ Jesse Johnson, MA - Psychotherapist. Portland, OR


"Being part of Reuvain's men's group has been a life-opening experience for me. Forming authentic relationship with other men, sharing, opening up, being challenged, growing, and then doing it all again at the next meeting has been a source of great joy. My connection with each member of the group has made for a heart-felt community of men in which to do my work of self-exploration. I highly recommend this group to any man interested in an honest, uncompromising, exploration of what makes them who they are, how to own their power, and how to open to more fulfilling relationships."

~ Michael Ruby - Principle Scientist, Integral Consulting, Boulder, CO


"My work with Reuvain has been a transformational influence in my life and, in fact, my most powerful life experience. Through my work with him I have found the strength buried inside me and called it to the forefront as a central theme in my life...living as an authentic and powerful man. Reuvain challenges all the men in his groups to live consciously and own their feelings so that they may open their heart to themselves and to those around them. I look forward to continuing this powerful and supportive work for many years to come."

~ Blake Waltrip - Marketing Executive, Boulder, CO


"The work that Reuvain does has had a huge impact in my life. He helped birth me into a world and experience unknown to me prior. I have learned how to show up for and be present with my family and friends. I have learned to love, to be fierce, and to be straight with people. I have been transformed by him and the group. I am a better father, lover, director, spouse and friend. I am ever grateful to him."

~ Alan Wiley, MA, Boulder, CO