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Relationship Coaching


Transforming Your Relationship Challenges Into More Love and Opportunities to Evolve


I'm your Coach for highly motivated couples wanting to right away get to the bottom of why your relationship isn't working, and stop wasting time. I specialize in quickly lasering-in on the core organizing dynamics running your life and relationships, and pinpointing the evolutionary opportunities presented by your challenges. I equip you with the proven practices and tools you need to turn painful conflict and disconnection into more satisfying loving.

You'll learn the most effective and practicable emotional self-regulation methods available, based in somatic psychology and mindfulness. And, state of the art methods for soothing your partner's fear-based reactivity into openness for love. You'll learn and practice how to build positive energy in your relationship and skillfully resolve conflict. You want to get clear now and begin moving powerfully forward to more love. That's what you'll get in working with me. 

Relationship Breakthrough Session

For Relationships On The Verge

In this intensive Relationship Breakthrough Coaching Session, I pinpoint the core underlying emotional block in your relationship dynamic, and the core emotional wound that organizes each person's personality. I'll introduce you to one or more of the most effective and practicable tools to right away begin transforming those disruptive relationship patterns into new, more satisfying and enjoyable ways of connecting. You'll understand the Evolutionary Opportunity of your relationship difficulties...how life is inviting you to grow & evolve through the particular challenges you're facing in the relationship. When you make this investment in your relationship, you'll come away with the crucial insights and practices that will open the doorway to your relationship going to the next level. Contact me to schedule your Relationship Breakthrough. 


Relationships have the possibility of being powerful vehicles of growth

if_you_love_me_265w_optAs we practice accepting and being OK with the disturbing emotions that our relationship challenges bring up, we come to experience more flexibility in our behavior and emotional life. We begin to feel more at peace. We and our relationships find new vitality as we discover essential qualities and energy that had been buried. Treating relationship as a path, we cultivate courage, compassion, depth and a sense of wholeness that we all seek. 





What Couples Are Saying

"I have been married for 12 years. Reuvain Bacal has supported me over the past 10 years through some of the darkest hours of my marriage, and has been there to celebrate with me the harvest I've reaped from working through some of the hardest parts of my personality. Reuvain is a truly gifted healer, a powerhouse of relationship change. If you are ready for growth and change in relationship, Reuvain is the man to facilitate your transition."

~ Dr. Will Vanderveer, MD - Psychiatrist, Integrative Psychiatric Healing Center, Boulder, CO



"...Reuvain's work with couples is unique in that he helps each person break through their fears and barriers in a gentle yet direct way, and invites them into higher levels of thinking and being. I would recommend Reuvain to anyone looking to have a higher relationship with themselves or their partner."

~ Alyson Schwabe, LPC, PC - Therapist and Coach, Boulder, CO



"Reuvain has an incredible presence that creates a space to delve into deep interior work. I have found myself trusting Reuvain with the deepest challenges I have faced in my intimate relationship and have found support for acknowledging my own shadow. Reuvain's willingness to embrace his own vulnerability allows for a beautiful sense of safety that I have great appreciation for."

~ Marco Chung-Shu Lam - Clinic Director and Acupuncturist, Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic


 "Reuvain has an unusual ability to understand a dynamic without spending a lot of time up-front to get to know the particulars of a situation. In only two sessions, he guided my partner and me to identify blocks, reveal weaknesses, share openly what we wanted for ourselves and our relationship, and walk out of his office more in love--and in hope!--than we had been before. Reuvain is extraordinarily intuitive and sensitive, and able to quickly pierce to the heart of a couple's dynamic; he pushes the "story" aside and zeroes in on the reality. I recommend him without reserve to people wanting to improve their relationship and get to the core of what matters to them as individuals and as a couple."

~ Linda Williams - Writer, Boulder CO


"I have utilized Reuvain’s relationship support many times over the past 10 years. His expertise with relationship challenges is demonstrated clearly in his therapeutic style. With utmost skill and compassion, Reuvain gently brings my awareness to the core of the issues that most need attention. He has been able to guide me to deep places within myself that more often than not have led to significant breakthroughs. My sessions with Reuvain have helped me to grow in a way that allows for healthier relationships in my life."

~ Laurence Spiewak - General Manager, Pangea Organics, Boulder, CO