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"I have been married for 12 years. Reuvain Bacal has supported me over the past 10 years through some of the darkest hours of my marriage, and has been there to celebrate with me the harvest I've reaped from working through some of the hardest parts of my personality. Reuvain is a truly gifted healer, a powerhouse of relationship change. If you are ready for growth and change in relationship, Reuvain is the man to facilitate your transition."

~ Dr. Will Vanderveer, MD - Psychiatrist, Integrative Psychiatric Healing Center, Boulder, CO


"Reuvain's work is unlike any other therapist or coach I've experienced. I've never felt so transparent sitting acrossfrom someone before or so held in compassion. In one session, I got very clear on the core issues that are keeping me stuck in life and causing me pain. Despite lots of previous growth work, what I learned with Reuvain was VERY new information for me. I took away not just clarity around the issues, but enough context that I now have valuable practices to work with, and the puzzle pieces of my life are fitting together in a way that finally makes sense for me. Reuvain has given me glimpses of the path ahead and I'm happy to say that the life I want now seems within reach. I'm extremely grateful to have worked with him, and am excited to continue."

~ Lara Irwin - Dating and Relationship Coach, Boulder, CO


"...Reuvain Bacal's deeply cultivated skills, natural gifts, and the enormous amount of personal work he has done on himself is evident when you meet him; and without hesitation I can attest that he is one of the most skilled and deeply gifted therapists and coaches that I have ever known. Reuvain is a remarkably strong, loving, insightful, and present man who brings a deep wisdom and profound insight into his sessions. He has a laser-like focus that merges with his ability to see what is in the way of a client's unfolding, healing and progress. I appreciate how quickly Reuvain gets to the hidden trigger point of an issue, and then, as directly, challenges, explores and inspires that client into a direction that is truly healing and pattern shifting. It's rather awesome to watch how he can pick up on the smallest filcker of fear, doubt, sadness or drop in presence and then bring it up to the light to work with, all with skill, compassion, and at times, with good humor. If you need support on your journey of unfolding, healing and learning, you would be truly blessed to have him support you as your guide."

~ Michael Vladeck, Life Coach and Counselor, Boulder, CO


Reuvain Bacal is an exceptionally gifted and talented professional. He is a counselor, coach, teacher, healer, guide, shaman, leader, therapist, and so much more. Reuvain works with equal parts head, heart, muscle, and soul. You’ll find him grounded, yet full of surprises. You’ll experience him as warm and cozy, yet fierce and skillfully to the point. And perhaps most importantly, you will recognize him as someone you can trust, a premier counselor who comes from the heart. In a time when we have a great number of choices in regards to helping professionals, I consider myself deeply fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.

~ Marc David – Author, Founder & Director of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating


"I feel that Reuvain has an incredible presence that creates a space to delve into deep interior work. I have found myself trusting Reuvain with the deepest challenges I have faced in my intimate relationship and have found support for acknowledging my own shadow. Reuvain's willingness to embrace his own vulnerability allows for a beautiful sense of safety that I have great appreciation for."

~ Marco Chung-Shu Lam - Clinic Director, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Mandala Integrated Medicine Clinic


"I have been touched and inspired by Reuvain's presence, depth, compassion, and unique ability to listen with his full being. When I talk to Reuvain, I feel that he is truly receiving what I am saying, not only with his mind, but with his heart. I find his feedback to be genuine and wise, connected and unbiased. It is obvious to me that Reuvain strives to be a vessel of truth, and has the gift of helping people, myself included, to align with their true potential, whether in the realm of relationship, or in their search for their unique life purpose."

-Melita Doostan, musician, educator


"Reuvain is a highly gifted Body-Centered Psychotherapist and Men's Group leader who embodies living from his heart. To be in his presence is uplifting, heart warming, and a call to live into your highest potential. Reuvain is a true "warrior of the heart", a fierce seeker of the truth who provides a profoundly loving and caring space for true inner growth to occur."

~ Douglas Brady, Psychotherapist


"Reuvain is an amazing balance of power, heart and intuition. I have witnessed his mastery, both as a facilitator in workshops and in men’s groups. What I appreciate is that he meets clients and people where they are, lets go of his agenda and acts a guide for a man to help him discover more about himself-real time. He is committed to truth and authenticity and delivers razor sharp insights and feedback from his heart. Reuvain is an inspiring man and a gifted leader that I highly recommend to anyone looking to take their lives and relationships to a whole new level."

~ Ray Brejcha - Life Coach, CEO, Red Pill Weekend, www.redpillweekend.com


"Reuvain knows how to integrate the body and mind which is the most powerful and integrated way of working with people and getting lasting results. His work with individuals and couples is unique in that he helps each person break through their fears and barriers in a gentle yet direct way, and invites them into higher levels of thinking and being. I would recommend Reuvain to anyone looking to have a higher relationship with themselves or their partner."

~ Alyson Schwabe, LPC, PC - Therapist and Coach, Boulder, CO


"I've witnessed Reuvain work both in workshop settings and in men's circles, and I can safely say that he's a remarkably skilled men's coach. He masterfully pinpoints exactly where men are stuck and holding back, and then warmly yet fiercely works just the right spot to open men up to more possibility, to living more fully and powerfully. I highly recommend Reuvain to any man wanting to take his life to the next level."

~ Bryan Bayer - CEO, Authentic Man Program, authenticmanprogram.com


"I've known Reuvain for over 7 years. The guy's a force. Reuvain is an extremely gifted facilitator of transformation and personal evolution. His skills with couples, men and groups are outrageous. The guy has a pulse on everything. Not only that, Reuvain's ability to connect people toward a common purpose is visionary."

~ Jayson Gaddis, LPC - Founder of Revolutionary Man. www.revolutionaryman.com


"When it came time to tackle the topic of 'Breakups' on The New Man Podcast, I went to Reuvain simply because he's one of the best at helping men navigate challenging life-terrain. His blend of sensitivity, perception and presence are unique. He's had a profound impact on me both as a friend and fellow men's group member."

~ Tripp Lanier - Host, The New Man Podcast


"Walking out of our first session together, I felt tangibly different. Rather than a collection of body parts, emotional surges, and fragmented thoughts, my experience was one of wholeness. Grounded, present, substantial. Your embodiment of both deep vulnerability and trustworthy strength continues to inspire me in our sessions, serving as a beacon toward my own ongoing integration. I am so grateful!"

~ Bryce Widom - Artist, Boulder, CO


"Reuvain is deeply intuitive and his work, while not always comfortable, results in a level of authenticity I had no idea was possible. My life is profoundly different after spending just a few powerful sessions with Reuvain and new possibilities are revealing themselves daily from this place. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to live a more truly authentic life."

~ Casey Capshaw - Internet Business Strategist, Boulder, CO


"The individual and group work that I have done with Reuvain has been an extraordinary and central part of my personal growth."

~ Rabbi Marc Soloway, Rabbi, Congregation Bonai Shalom, Boulder, CO




"I have just spent a number of weeks meeting with Reuvain and a small group of strong men. I can honestly say that my life will never be the same, and that is a very good thing. My goal in joining the men's group was to more fully embody the masculine within me, and not loose the compassion that I have. I found what I was looking for, and much more. In my experience Reuvain is a very gifted facilitator and leader, and is unique at what he does when working with men. He treats everyone as equals and meets them at their personal place in the process, regardless of the depth of their own inner work. As a group we bonded in ways that I would not have expected, and I gained new friendships on a different level than everyday relationships. To be seen and experienced as a man, with other men and without judgment, is quite empowering. I wholeheartedly recommend Reuvain's work to any man seeking more of himself."

~ Rick Judson - Director eLearning Services, Denver, CO


"Working with Reuvain has been amazing. He kept me in focus and present, and led me to discover things about "me" that I didn't know could be there. In my 32 years, I've had a lot of stuff thrown at me, and I thought I could manage and handle it. It was clear, after just a few meetings, that I didn't deal with my stuff, I had just pushed it down and locked it away. Problem was, it wasn't locked away, it would surface in my relationships, and in my work, causing pain to those around me. Through Reuvain, I have begun the journey of discovering "me", understanding why I am how I am, and figuring out how to properly deal with the pain of my past, to enjoy a more full and loving future."

~ Nathan Womack - Owner, Outsource Locally, www.OutsourceLocally.com, Boulder, CO


"Reuvain Bacal is a pioneer with a fresh vision of men in their fullness. His unique presence provides men with a deep experience of both loving support and edgy challenge. He calls us out of our roles that no longer serve us and into our spiritual awakening."

~ Dr. Pierre Brunschwig - Physician and Founder, Helios Integrated Medicine, Boulder, CO


"Reuvain has an unusual ability to understand a dynamic without spending a lot of time up-front to get to know the particulars of a situation. In only two sessions, he guided my partner and me to identify blocks, reveal weaknesses, share openly what we wanted for ourselves and our relationship, and walk out of his office more in love--and in hope!--than we had been before. Reuvain is extraordinarily intuitive and sensitive, and able to quickly pierce to the heart of a couple's dynamic; he pushes the "story" aside and zeroes in on the reality. I recommend him without reserve to people wanting to improve their relationship and get to the core of what matters to them as individuals and as a couple."

~ Linda Williams - Writer, Boulder, CO


"Through my experience in one of Reuvain's men's therapy groups, I have become more connected with my true nature as a man. Reuvain's facilitation, combined with the support and presence of the other group members, compassionately challenged me to grow into my full potential as a male in this culture, and to live this potential. I am truly grateful for this life-changing opportunity and I am inspired and committed to supporting the transformation of other men and women who seek it."

~ Jesse Johnson - Psychotherapist. Portland, OR


"My work with Reuvain has been a transformational influence in my life and, in fact, has been my most powerful life experience. I have found the strength buried inside me and called it to the forefront as a central theme in my life...living as an authentic and powerful man. Reuvain challenges all the men in his groups to live consciously and own their feelings so that they may open their heart to themselves and to those around him. I look forward to continuing this powerful and supportive work for many years to come."

~ Blake Waltrip - Marketing Executive. Boulder, CO


"Being part of Reuvain's men's group has been a life-opening experience for me. Forming authentic relationship with other men, sharing, opening up, being challenged, growing, and then doing it all again at the next meeting has been a source of great joy. My connection with each member of the group has made for a heart-felt community of men in which to do my work of self-exploration. I highly recommend this group to any man interested in an honest, uncompromising, exploration of what makes them who they are, how to own their power, and how to open to more fulfilling relationships."

~ Michael Ruby - Principle Scientist, Integral Consulting, Boulder, CO


"I have utilized Reuvain’s counseling practice and support many times over the past 10 years. His expertise with relationship challenges is demonstrated clearly in his therapeutic style. With utmost skill and compassion, Reuvain gently brings my awareness to the core of the issues that most need attention. He has been able to guide me to a deep place within myself that more often than not have led to significant breakthroughs. My sessions with Reuvain have helped me to grow in a way that allows for healthier relationships in my life."

~ Laurence Spiewak - General Manager, Pangea Organics, Boulder, CO


"The work that Reuvain does has had a huge impact in my life. He helped birth me into a world and experience unknown to me prior. I have learned how to show up for and be present with my family and friends. I have learned to love, to be fierce, and to be straight with people. I have been transformed by him and the group. I am a better father, lover, director, spouse and friend. I am ever grateful to him."

~ Alan Wiley, MA - Boulder, CO


"Reuvain helped me take my life to the next level. He and the group helped me reconnect to my masculine side and learn how to be more real. Reuvain has a fire within his heart that I rarely ever come across these days and he shares it openly with the men he works with. The bond I have developed with the men in his group is solid, intimate, fearless and real."

~ David G. - Teacher, Boulder, CO


"I started seeing Reuvain about a year ago through a friends recommendation. When I went to see him I was neither sure where his guidance would take me nor how effective it would be. Within the first fifteen minutes I was convincingly sold on his methodology and approach to interpersonal challenges and development. Reuvain brings calm, aware, relaxed presence to every session which makes opening up and recognizing what is going on internally for me that much easier. Through my twenty plus sessions with Reuvain I have discovered an awareness and authenticity within myself that was long lost. His ability to recognize and bring to the surface what is true for me in any moment, through his method of peeling back layers of built up resistance, is powerful. Every time I see him I feel that I open up that much more to my truth. His practices and insight, to me, are invaluable. Reuvain has given me the tools to use in my daily life to overcome whatever mental and emotional challenges I am faced with. As with everything in life, I know that for all I have learned and gained from him, there is still and always will be room for growth and development. Fortunately, having Reuvain as a person I can turn to when I am in need of guidance makes facing these challenges that much more manageable."

~ William Frates - Student, Louisville, CO