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About Reuvain


I'm here to ignite men's evolution, and to help take relationships to the next level.

Men, work with me if you're ready to activate your power and purpose in the world. My mastery is to very quickly laser in on the core organizing dynamics running your life and relationships, so you can flexibly choose to live a great life. I pinpoint the evolutionary opportunities presented by your challenges. I show you the path and the proven practices you need to turn those challenges into awakening, satisfying love, and living a life of purpose.

You are...a man or a couple who's motivated to quickly get to the bottom of why your relationships and life aren't thriving, and stop wasting time. You want to get clear now and begin moving forward to more wakeful, loving relationships and vitalized engagement with Life. I equip you with the tools for the path. What you'll get from me is my warmth, humor, and penetrating clarity about how to initiate a meaningful breakthrough in your life. 

The way I serve you is informed by my own rigorous evolutionary journey, and my 15 years experience working with people therapeutically. I draw from my training in Transpersonal, Somatic, and Buddhist Psychology; the Enneagram; my experience as a former Adjunct Faculty for Group Dynamics and Leadership at Naropa University, and my training as a Certified Meditation Instructor. My offering is also drawn from my deep odyssey with men's work, including 18 years facilitating and participating in Men's Groups, workshops, and other deep dives with men.

I live on the expansive prairie near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, just outside of Boulder, Colorado with my wise wife Indigo Bacal, and our spirited daughter. Our property, Eagle Prairie, offers sweeping views of the majestic mountains and wide open land, a tranquil creek, and abundant wildlife. The inspiring environment of Eagle Prairie inherently invites people into connection with themselves, community, the earth, and the natural world, instilling a sense of wholeness.